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Encounter Centered Couples Therapy

Veronica Dumas in a couples counseling session

Encountered Centered Couples Therapy is a treatment modality developed by internationally known psychologist Hedy Schleifer. Based on Imago Relationship Theory, Buber's relational philosophy, appreciative Inquiry and the Judaic concept of Tikkun , this modality guides the couple thru the three invisible connectors, the unraveling of the survival pattern, into a relational maturity that impacts not just the couple, but the individual, and in turn society as a whole.

If you are considering breaking up, divorcing or separating and have not given couples therapy a chance, this is the time to do so. The conflicts in your relationship arise from a pattern of survival that is the result of an entire life, a product of your experiences. When you break the survival pattern and learn how to connect with your partner in a truly deep manner, the old patterns disappear. The result is a more mature individual as well as a more mature couple, an evolution of the person and of the relationship.

Intensive 2 day couples therapy

This is the MOST effective treatment I can offer. It is 2 FULL days of intensive work. Prepare to dive into the most intensely beautiful connection you have ever experienced with your partner. Prepare to cross the bridge into the neighborhood of your partner, as well as receive your partner into your neighborhood. At least 6 hours each day.

Intensive 3 hour sessions

This is the same as the 2 day therapy, however it is split into 4-5 sessions of 3 hours each. Similar results are obtained, however it is broken into “segments”. Segments may take place once per week, once every 2 weeks or once per month. The closer the segments, the higher the efficacy of the treatment.

Individual 1 hour sessions

This option is only recommended for couples who want some direction in their marriage, with sessions being more psychoeducational. It is not recommended for couples who are facing serious conflict or severe disengagement. It is a good option for those facing very specific issues outside of the marriage, such as grief, illness or infertility that may be affecting the marriage.

CONSULTATION- 120 minutes

If you or your parnter have not decided on your level of commitment to working on the relationship, or if you are at different levels and you wish to have more information, as well as my professional feedback on what services would be best for you, a 1.5 hour consultation would be the best choice. This can be done either in my office or if scheduling is an issue due to location, a VIRTUAL visit may be scheduled.

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